Background picture taken @ Port in Kingston, Jamaica     May 2015

SSDC Logistics manages and performs multiple operations to achieve one goal. Our goal is to efficiently move your product from the time of arrival to its final destination—on time, every time. We have worked with a wide variety of customer types, handling products from industries such as Food Grade, Manufacturing, Retail, and Medical, among others. Whether you need a logistics partner that can provide Value-Added Readiness, adhere to your customer compliance standards, or fulfill your e-commerce needs, we have the experience and expertise to take on any challenge your supply chain may bring. We’ll do whatever it takes to satisy you and your customers. 

Expeditionary Logistics:
Port Operations
Command and Control applications
Ship loading and Stowage
Airhead operations
Convoy planning and movement
Construction management
Experienced as Border agents and U.S Customs Operations

 Our experience includes Port Operations, a full array of Command and Control applications, world wide Deployed Headquarters experience,  Shiploading and Stowage, Airhead operations, Convoy Planning / Movement, Construction Management and large (theater level component) and small command staffs.  Experienced as Border Agents and U.S. Customs Operations.